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Talking to devices is hard. We did the hard part, so you don't have to.

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Even when your devices are connected, it can be difficult for them to work together. Our platform enables you to have devices communicate seamlessly accross multiple protocols. We support HTTP/S, Websockets, COAP and MQTT.


Our designer makes automation simple, allowing you to build interactions between devices visually. You can also share, import & export your automated flows.


Automated workflows are stored securely and designed to run with high-availability in our cloud. You can easily design and deploy automated workflows to run 24/7 in sandboxed containers.


With Octoblu, you can gain insights from all data related to your connected devices. Not only can you visualize data from your connected devices in our platform, you can also easily feed your device data into your existing big-data aggregation tools like Splunk, ElasticSearch and TempoIQ.


Our platform enables secure device communication using encryption and our fine-grained permissions model. Octoblu was designed with security being a primary focus and not an after thought.


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